Geek Speak - New Year's Web Solutions


1. User Friendly Internal Linking

Internal Linking = Happy Website Visitors & Great SEO Juice

It's a two for one!
Search engines like it because it helps the the search engine spiders get an excellent idea of what the site as a whole is about. Visitors like it because they can easily find information they need by following a trail of intuitively placed hyperlinks throughout your content.  Take a look throughout this blog post.  It's shamelessly peppered with links to other pages on our website.

Bonus: More pages visited typically leads to a longer visit, resulting in a better SEO score.

2. Optimize Existing Content

Don't let this one scare you.  This isn't about completely starting over with your content. It's more about a little facelift. 

Here's how: Start with your high level or top pages (analytics rankings can help here) and implement on-page optimization for each.  This could be internal linking, using header tags, adding alt and title tags to your images, and writing custom meta descriptions for each page.  Please don't let words like alt tag and meta descriptions scare you!  Just reach out!  We can give you the skinny on doing it yourself or we can take care of it all for you!

3. Upgrade your design

Quick! You have just a few seconds to make an impression to keep your visitors on your website.  If your website is slow, unattractive, or just not a good resource, your visitors will run the other way.  What's even worse is that they may never come back.  Capitalize on each online visit with a clean, modern, professional website design that looks great on a desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.  If you're not a designer, that's ok.  Hire a professional web design company!

Important Note: Mobile responsive design is key!  More than 50% of all searches now start on a mobile device.  Don't lose half of your audience so easily!  Plus, mobile responsive design can be better for search engine optimization. 

4. Consolidate your navigation

Keep it simple!  The more options you provide, the less likely a visitor will convert (aka become a customer or find you as a resource).  Carefully consider your main navigation links and neatly organize any pages that should live under each parent page.  You will want to track any pages that have moved or will be deleted so redirects can be set up for anyone who may have bookmarked those pages.  If need a little help with this, just call the experts!

5. Keep Content Fresh

Stores change their window display regularly. So why not update your website's "window display" that often?  If your website is designed well, this can be a simple and effective way to keep your site fresh on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.  While your website might not directly compare to, they are a great example of how showing new deals, sales and content can quickly convey the message that they are relevant, up-to-date leaders in their industry.  So, whether it's updating your home page graphics or adding news and events, keep it fresh!

Bonus: Search engines like this, too!

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