Geek Speak: Ghost Buttons


Geek Speak - Ghost Buttons

With Halloween just around the corner, ghost buttons are the perfect Geek Speak topic!  Unlike the ghosts and goblins out this month, ghost buttons are a year round web trend.  They are minimal and stylish with subtle hover animation. They are often found paired with the trend of large background images and videos.

What exactly is a Ghost Button?

Basic Shapes + Transparency

Ghost buttons are created as a basic shape, such as a rectangle or square, with no fill.  They are transparent and are generally bordered by a very thin line, while the internal section consists of plain text printed in a light, sans-serif font.  

Best with Flat, Minimalist Design

Ghost buttons can be found on various types of websites and applications, but they are typically best matched with minimalist or flat designs or pages with full-screen photography. 

Simple = Sophisticated

Simple is often sophisticated when it comes to design,and ghost buttons draw attention to a call to action without being obtrusive, which is exactly what good user interface is all about.

Spooky, in a Friendly Way

When used correctly, these phantom buttons seamlessly mesh with the background of a website and immediately grab the users' a Casper the Friendly Ghost kind of way, of course!

Want to see a ghost button in action?

Check out the "Full Article" button beside the post snippet on our new blog landing page.

It's guaranteed that you will now start noticing ghost buttons everywhere!  They were there all along, you just didn't know it.  Spooky!  

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