Geek Speak: Traveling Content


What is it? 

Web content that used to only live in the deep dark corners of an over populated website is now finding new life and reaching more viewers through Facebook posts, tweets, email links, Pinterest pins, reblogs, and beyond.  Welcome to the era of "traveling content".

Traveling content is even changing the game for how search engines work.  After all, search engines are more interested in serving up content that people like, which goes hand in hand with their content source of choice...

Need some ideas on ways to put walking shoes on your content?  Here you go:

  1. Provide entertaining and useful content to stay top-of-mind with your online audience.
  2. Make your content portable.  Bookmark and Share widgets offer simple, one-click options for content sharing.
  3. Select the social venues that best present your offering and reach your audience.  For example, Facebook & Twitter are great options for colleges recruiting students or hospital sharing community events, while Pinterest is a no-brainer for a retailer selling women's clothing.

Choose how you receive "traveling content" from In10sity?

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