How April's Changes to Google Search Results may have affected your Website


April 21, 2015 was the day that Google added a critical ranking factor to its search results that could be negatively affecting your site if you're not mobile friendly.

Websites that are mobile friendly are now given preferential treatment and receive a higher ranking in mobile device search results. Given the massive increase in mobile search volumes over the last few years, this could have a very large impact on your website if you are not serving content and pages that function effectively on tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices.

To simplify what these changes mean, there are two questions that your website now needs to answer "Yes" to:

  • Does it load quickly and efficiently?
  • Does it respond to different screen sizes by altering its layout to suit?

If you answer "No" to either of those questions, you will likely notice your Google results dropping on mobile searches. If your site isn't responsive, now is the time to get in touch with us to help you implement a responsive update to your front end design.

You can use this Mobile-Friendly Test tool (provided by Google) to see if your site passes.

We can also run a Mobile Usability Report for you through Google Webmaster Tools, to discover any problem areas with your current site.

If you have any questions about this Google Update, or want to take some next steps in safeguarding your mobile rankings, please contact your account manager right away at: 1-888-483-2383

You can read more about the Google Update on their Webmaster Blog here.

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