Tips for a healthy website in the second half of 2015.


There are plenty of digital marketing tips and tools available on the web. Our newsletter this month summarizes some of the freshest ones, giving you insight on how to focus your strategy and use helpful free tools to lead you to online success.

Are you Mobile yet?

  • Mobile devices continue to beat the growth of desktop devices. If your content doesn't work on mobile, you're missing out on reaching some users, and losing others by providing poor interactions with your brand. Make sure your mobile design is top of the line too.
  • If your site isn't mobile, you're now being punished by Google.
  • 61% of people have a better opinion of your brand when you offer a good mobile experience. Non-ecommerce brands can learn from this data too.

Make User Experience your primary focus

  • When it comes to making key decisions regarding your websites content, design, and functionality, your users should be the frame of reference that you use to decide strategy. 
  • It follows then, that you should develop a deep understanding of who these users are, and focus your website as solution that caters to the needs of your main persona.
  • If large subsets of users are all having problems interacting with your site, fix the issues quickly to prevent your competitors from having an advantage.

Improve Your Content

  • Create unique and interesting content for marketing. Easier said than done! Content that is engaging, interesting, and easy to read is hard to create but can pay dividends with social sharing, inbound links, and email signups. Get content inspiration using Buzzsumo
  • Fix or remove "thin content" pages. If you don't have enough information about a subject to create a page that's not "thin", consider merging that page with another, or removing it entirely.
  • Check for duplicate content and other easy-to-fix issues with Siteliner

Measure website effectiveness

With Google Analytics installed, you have a wealth of data available that helps you understand user's interactions with your site. Use this data as a basis for changes to your sites content and design. Measure the effect of these changes to determine the best solution to your problem. 

Tons of users clicking are clicking your hero image promo to sign up for your online appointment scheduler, but only 6% of those visits are actually completing the sign up process. 
- This is often a telltale sign that you barrier of entry is too high. Try simplifying your sign up form to increase conversions.

In order to measure effectiveness, you have to have something to measure! Define specific goals for your home page and landing pages. Measure how frequently those goals are met and adjust your pages to improve your numbers.

We hope these tools and articles provide you with some good insight into where your web project might need some improvement. As always, we're available to answer your questions or discuss ideas you have for your site, just give us a call and chat with one of our support staff members.

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