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Cherry Bomb Web Design Case Study

Cherry Bomb exhaust systems have been “Disturbing the Peace Since 1968” and were first produced by the Maremont Corporation, which merged with the International Muffler Company (IMCO) in 2006. A brand name that stands apart in the hot rod industry, Cherry Bomb is synonymous with quality and exudes coolness. Self-professed hot rod geeks looked to the Cherry Bomb website for technical information, tips, and videos but the design and old content did not impress them. Furthermore, Cherry Bomb marketing staff found the site to be extremely difficult to update as they had to rely on a third party to make their requested changes, which could take upwards of three weeks to complete.


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Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • XHTML and CSS Development
  • CMS Development
  • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Hosting
  • e-Commerce
  • Online Product Catalog
  • Find a Retailer Search
  • Exhaust Systems Search
  • Create and Edit Calendars
  • News and Media Center
  • Survey and Poll Manager
  • Quick Form Creator
  • Photo Galleries


The Cherry Bomb marketing team had several needs, which included a new design, a rethinking of the site navigation, a new content management system, dry goods e-commerce, and the integration of their catalog databases. A website project like this is much like building a hot rod: it has to look cool, operate flawlessly, have a great engine under the hood, and a fast support team to tune it up as needed.


In10sity’s first order of business was to capture the personality of the Cherry Bomb brand through a multi-faceted creative process. After exploring several ideas that focused on their core audiences, a master design was struck that even the most ardent hot rodding fan would enjoy. At the same time, their dedicated account manager worked to come up with a new information architecture that would make the site more direct and easier to use than the prior one. Under the hood, In10sity’s programming talent went to work on a custom installation of the inPower Content Management System that had to support not only a custom catalog database, but also an e-commerce store that sells apparel, banners, mugs, koozies, and other fan based favorites. Making everything come together for launch included project management that had to stay on top of production every step of the way. The outcome is one of the most souped-up websites In10sity has ever produced.