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The Best Healthcare Sites Start With inPowerCMSTM.

At In10sity, we’ve been working on healthcare websites for over 15 years, and we have more than 100 hospitals, clinics, and physician practices as active clients. This means that whether you’re a big, multi-hospital regional system or a single family practice, we have the best website solutions out there.

The key to our success with healthcare websites is our inPowerCMS™. Originally developed specifically to meet the needs of hospital web design, inPower has over 20 customized modules that make it easier for you to run your website AND your medical practice. Our pre-built modules were developed for your industry, making our system robust, affordable, and easy to use. Get a Free Quote

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inPowerCMS™ Healthcare Modules

All the tools you'll need for a successful healthcare site.

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When we came to in10sity, we were facing great organizational challenges with multiple websites with many different vendors. in10sity successfully moved all of our sites to be managed in one place. After working on many different CMS platforms, I have found inPowerCMS™ to be by far the best and easiest to use. We received positive feedback from patients and staff, and its so easy to add new information. This partnership has worked out great for High Point Regional!

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High Point Regional Health System
High Point, NC