Digital Marketing

A new website is just the beginning. Now that you have a fantastic new look, wouldn’t it make you sad if no one ever saw it?

Digital marketing not only brings more people to your page, but it also brings more of the people who are already interested, so that you end up with more customers and less bounces. In10sity’s offerings can make your website the rock star it deserves to be.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

In10sity uses search engine optimization to help your new web design get more visits to the right landing pages

Search engines, such as Google and Bing, bring more traffic to your website than any other source, so making your website easy for people to find in searches is one of the most important things you can do with digital marketing. In10sity has a couple different ways to help make this happen.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The first thing we do is make sure your new website has all the correct pieces to make it easier to search for. We’ll set you up with Google Analytics and make sure your content, keywords, and page titles are all optimized on the back end of the site. We will also make recommendations about landing pages and talk to you about implementing some of our proven processes for increasing conversions online. And once your website is all ready for crowds of new visitors, we’ll move on to the next step!

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Search engine marketing uses pay-per-click advertising to put YOU in the number one position in search results. Our PPC experts will cap your ad spend, manage your keywords, and make sure you are getting the most value for your advertising budget. A carefully targeted PPC spend leading to our thoughtfully designed landing pages brings you more visitors, conversions, and revenue!

Email & Social Media Marketing

Email and social media marketing efforts are integrated into your new website

An integrated digital marketing campaign means including not just search ads but social media marketing as well. Email and social media campaigns bolster your other ad spends by creating more content, a larger audience, and better customer relationships. All of our social media and email marketing is fully integrated into your website with invitations to join the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. and forms to collect visitors’ information to add them to your email lists.

Social Media Management & Monitoring
Many companies jump into social media without having a plan or the expertise to follow through on their profiles. This leads to empty, abandoned pages with old news and out-of-date information. At In10sity, we can make your social media channels shine with relevant posts, information, and branding. We will make sure you are set up on all the biggest social media sites, write posts in advance for you to approve, and report trends and data about your brand engagement. We have the software to set up alerts monitoring both positive and negative engagement about your brand online, giving you the chance to respond and interact with your audience. Our guidance will help you craft the right responses, manage blogs, promotions and sweepstakes, and build your audiences.

Social Media Marketing
Just like with search engine advertising, the best way to get the most out of your social media channels is to spend a little money on it. With a social media advertising budget, you can boost posts, target audiences by interest and location, and gain interested followers quickly.

Email Marketing
In10sity has been running email marketing campaigns for years, and this experience means we can really deliver. We can help you set up email collection methods and build powerful, targeted lists of interested people. Our experts will run A&B testing on your campaign to get you the most opens and clicks for your money, and we will always give you a full report on how many and what percentage of emails were opened, who opened them and on what platforms, and what they clicked on from the email so you know what your most effective messages are.